Expert CrossFit Coaching Services

Crossfit Classes, Personal Training and Personalised Programming From Qualified Professionals

Our team of owners and expert coaches are here to provide you with an inclusive and welcoming environment to develop yourself, no matter the skill level. Everybody involved in the Crossfit Derby family practices what they preach, and they have the qualifications to back up their passion.

We strive to deliver the best CrossFit experience we can, and our coaching services are no exception. Should you require tailored coaching services to help you achieve your goals, we can help.


Weightlifting Programmes & Coaching

We offer several different weightlifting programmes tailored to meet your performance goals – whether to improve your technique in Olympic lifting or improve your overall strength.

CrossFit Programming

Additional CrossFit Programming

If you are looking to improve specific skills or compete in CrossFit, you may look for additional programming to supplement your regular sessions.
The additional sessions will be tailored to suit your needs and time availability.

Personal Training

1 to 1 Personal Training Sessions

We understand some people cannot make the class times; therefore, we can offer one-on-one personal training sessions or group sessions to suit your convenience.

Sports Therapy

Treat Aches & Pains With A Qualified Therapist

Every Monday and Friday we have a professional Sports Therapist in the gym with us who can help assist with any aches and pains you may have.

Treatments include:
Sports Massage for pre and post exercise
Injury Consultation and Treatment
Taping and Strapping services
Dry needling and cupping
Rehab and Prehab treatments/advice