CrossFit Derby’s Expert Team Of CrossFit Coaches & Specialists

Our team of owners and expert coaches are here to provide you with an inclusive and welcoming environment to develop yourself, no matter your skill level. Everybody in the CrossFit Derby family practices what they preach, they have paid their dues and they have the qualifications to back up their passion.

We strive to deliver the best CrossFit experience we can, and our coaching services are no exception. We want to help you as grow in ability, fitness and confidence, and endeavour to do all we can to get you there. Should you require tailored coaching services to help you achieve your goals, we can facilitate that.

Our gym has an incredibly supportive community that will welcome you from your very first session, and all of our classes and sessions will have a walk-through, and won’t be started until you know exactly what you’re doing. CrossFit classes and workouts are scaled to each individual person, considering your abilities, injuries or mobility issues. You will go at your pace, and we will work with you to make sure you push yourself, whilst remaining safe and having fun.

The CrossFit Derby Team

From the top to the bottom, the CrossFit Derby team has been selected with excellence in mind. Our coaches have the qualifications to do their job to the highest standard, with frequent training to keep at the top of their game.