CrossFit Classes & Training

Learn The Sport Of CrossFit at Derby’s No.1 Functional Fitness Facility

At CrossFit Derby, we run CrossFit classes all throughout the day. All classes are prepared, coached and guided with a professional coach. Every movement is demonstrated step by step to ensure a thorough understanding, with all workouts scaled to suit the person taking part. Experienced CrossFit competitor, or complete beginner, all workouts are tailored to suit.

CrossFit is a training style that builds strength and conditioning through varied and challenging workouts. Each day the workout will test a different part of your functional strength or conditioning, not specializing in one particular thing, but rather with the goal of building a body that’s capable of anything and everything. The program works for everyone—people who are just starting out and people who have trained for years. 

As well as CrossFit classes we also run a ‘Sweat-Con’ Classes, Barbell Club and R.I.S.E Mondays.

Sweat-Con is is 35-40 minutes of cardio and core intensive workouts that don’t require prior CrossFit experience, but do require willingness to work hard! With the main focus being dumbbell, kettlebell, cardio, and bodyweight movements, Sweat-Con is a great way to mix it up.

Barbell Club is focused on us learning to move a barbell correctly. Learning the techniques we need to make sure we are moving safely and efficiently. These classes are suitable for all abilities whether you are brand new to barbell movement or have been training for years.

R.I.S.E Mondays are a cardio based class. This class aims to increase your overall fitness by challenging you with interval style cardio workouts.

We also run ‘open gym’ sessions throughout the day. Allowing you can come in, do your own workouts or practice some movements. Coaches are always around for advice or form critiques. 

For all Classes and Open Gym please make sure you check the timetable to book in. 


Taster Sessions

Does your current fitness routine need a shake up? Do you want to regain your fitness? Let us help you get the results you want!

It’s easy to get started, just get yourself booked onto one of our Wednesday Taster sessions for just £7.50.

You will also have access to all of the following..
7 DAYS worth of UNLIMITED training for just £7.50!
7 DAYS of coach led classes.
7 DAYS of class workouts programmed so you don’t have to worry about what you’re going to do when you get to the gym. We have you covered!

Your Taster Session fee of £7.50 will also be refunded against your first months membership!

If you decide that you don’t want to train at CrossFit Derby just let us know before your taster week is up and we’ll make sure that your membership doesn’t renew.

CrossFit is functional fitness, this means we train in ways that transfer to real life situations and help to keep us fit and healthy.

If you don’t feel confident in a gym because you’re unsure of what to do, bored of doing the same body weight HIIT workouts or want to add something new to your routine then CrossFit Derby is the gym for you.

All of our workouts are programmed and led by our expert CrossFit Certified Coaches so you’ll never need to worry!

Are you ready to make a change and explore your potential?

Brilliant partner workout!

Attended my first partner workout and cannot wait till next weeks session.
Very organised / safe post lockdown, a friendly, welcoming environment from both Luke and other members and an amazing alternative to my usual training program. Thanks
Sophie Harris

Thorough workouts!

Having hit 40 I wanted to try and take my fitness to another level. CrossFit Derby has been awesome! warmups are very thorough, there is always a variation to the workout available if I cant do certain movements and its a very welcoming group. Thanks Luke and the team!
Adam Rhodes